I long for something. Something to look forward to. Something to make all the pain and sorrow worth it. Today’s the day I set myself free. Free from the endless loop I’ve been stuck in for so long. It’s time to stop describing the type of girl I want to be, and instead, start living my life as her. My dreams will now come back to the surface. After being buried in the dark pits of my mind, they will shine bright. Brighter than the sun on a hot summer day. Soon I will watch them. I will watch them flourish into more, more than just a fantasy I’ve created in my mind. They will become my reality. They will become that something I was longing for. My dreams are what have freed me out of that prison of suffering. I was stuck in for too long. So, I say thank you to them. Thank you for making it all worth it.

12 responses to “Longing”

  1. You will. You are. Now.
    The dreams are the key to the door; you are right. The rest is walking through the door that we once locked and now unlocked. The stumbling does not make it easy – for me – but it reminds me of what I am doing. Walking.
    I wish you all the best on your path. Enjoy.

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  2. Beautiful post, I love it! Move forward, walk through that door and never look back! All that pain and sorrow, in my personal experiences, provided me with the lessons and strength I needed to go after what I wanted! They have become my greatest assets! Thank you for sharing this!🙏🙏

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