I’m bad at feeling. I don’t try to be, but I am. People’s psyche doesn’t make any logical sense, when they try about something fictional, or something entirely separate from their existence. Blame is an odd emotion, the feeling of being at fault, when often it isn’t a “cause and relation”. A lack of control often evokes a feeling of woe, despite the control often being with someone far more superior in the field related to the issue, and therefore there is actually a greater chance of achievement. Sorrow at natural tragedy and the destruction it causes, it is to be expected so why do people get so surprised at the fact that a tsunami causes flooding or a bomb leading to fatality, it is just the bi-product of a negative action. When people can’t accept the fact that some are mentally disturbed and have no regard for human life, they spend their whole loves wondering how they could do such a thing and have to search for justification but in reality it may just be an unexplainable judgment, but that isn’t good enough for the human brain. we crave an explanation, but in reality it will never come.

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