She sees how her stomach looks when she’s standing in her bra. She sees how her face looks without any make up on. She sees how her chin looks when she looks down at her reflection. She sees how her arms sag when she has them up. She sees how her thighs jiggle when she walks or runs. She seethes how her boobs look when she’s wearing a top. She sees how her face looks when she washes her face. She sees how her legs look when she looks at all her scars. She sees how her hair looks when she wakes up in the morning. She sees how her wrinkles show when she smiles. She sees how her stretch marks are visible when she sits down. See, the things about girls, they can see every little detail about themselves, details that other people can’t see and they see every little flaw that other people don’t even notice. So when a girl doesn’t accept your compliments about her being beautiful, it’s honestly because she feels like she isn’t and she’d be lying if she said she was.

9 responses to “She”

  1. But why does she only look at her body? I agree that people give a lot of false compliments just to win someone. I think same is the reason that she identifies herself with her body, because everyone is looking at her body and giving comments about it? However I think that she could look beyond body, understand that beauty is of the soul and it needs no compliment from the other!

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