You Are Not A Thing

What does that really mean?

You were a “thing” but didn’t make it as far as dating? Or did one of your have intentions of dating but the other had commitment issues? Did you know it was going to end the way it did? The slowly deteriorating conversations, the awkward looks in the halls, being left on read, only answering when they want, your heart feeling like it’s being weighed down when you see them with someone that’s not you. Then it simply just ends. No hassle, no big deal, no fight, no holding on, no explained emotions, no knocking on your front door for forgiveness, no call, no standing outside in the pouring rain asking for you back. Because you only talked, right. You feel like why would I care this much if we are nothing but a “thing” so stupid it’s not named anything but a thing. Anything can be a thing, but why chase after it? Why go through all the emotions you would as if you were dating but knowing it’s going to end in the beginning? Why go through all this hurt? I’ll tell you why. Because you get attached without wanting too. You start finding every little thing to fall deeper and deeper into that person. And even when they don’t do the right things and hurt you again and again, we seem to go right back to that “thing” we have. And you find yourself always asking, is it bad timing? Why do they have to be older? Why can’t we have all the time in the world? Why can’t you just choose me? Why can’t it just be us? Relationships shouldn’t be based on all these questions. The right one will come along and be the answers for every question.

Don’t settle for things. You’re so much better than a thing.

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