Have You Lived Your Life

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Life feels odd these days. I feel as though I’m not living. What would help? I’m not quite sure. Just writing to document my days. What is the point of life? Who knows? I miss my friends. I miss life. I guess writing a blog post each day make me think a lot. Life is passing me by and I don’t feel like I’m living. I want to feel as though I’ve made an impact? Is there such a thing as a single person making an impact? I’m not sure. It’s hard. Feeling so significant, or rather, wanting to be significant while feeling so insignificant. How? How do I live with that? I can’t really explain. I’ve never been good at explaining my complex thoughts. It’s difficult. How do you put concepts, feelings, emotions, abstract ideas – into words? How do I do that? How do I live? I haven’t felt this way in a while, maybe 8 years. But I’m getting older and the weight of all the life I haven’t lived is pushing me down. I feel like I’ll never be ready to die. I’m afraid I’ll never feel I’ve lived enough life.

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  1. Maybe it was just this day. I felt the same way today. I kept going over my life and how mundane it has become. Like how do I get out of this rut? Who knows…maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s age. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  2. I feel like this one!! This speaks to me. I feel God is doing something behind the scenes when we don’t we really understand our own lives or circumstances. 🎥💊🎬🤲🙏

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    • Glad you liked the post. If you are in a difficult situation and do something and hope for the best, you hope that everything will happen in the way you want, although you know that it may not. I took the risk and hoped for the best. Some companies are cutting costs and hoping for the best.


  3. It is crazy how all of us are so different yet so connected by these emotions. The part where you said that you’ll never be ready to die is something I feel very dearly. The fact that we are all passing everyday thinking that we’re living when all we really do is just get through these days. You’ve captured these abstract thoughts very beautifully though. Cheers to an amazing life and even amazing content. Looking forward to reading more!

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  4. Well said! I can relate to what has been written in this post. In fact I’m also going through the same phase in life. Perhaps the pandemic has changed our perspective towards life as we never focused so much on ageing and death before. It may be a message for us from nature to enjoy every moment of life.

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  5. I can so relate to this post, Garina. Part of mine is to do with theohysical pain I’ m in. I need all my meds and coping strategies just to get through the day. Then there are the eternal nights I can’t fall asleep and when I do I don’t stay asleep long. I feel with the war in Ukraine I am constantly waiting for something to happen, in the world, in my life. It is very disconcerting. ❤🌷❤

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  6. You ask such real, humans questions. We’ve been given so much evidence to show that institutions can’t be trusted, even though their pitch is trusting them. But giving up on these makes finding meaning extra hard. Politics and government, religion and the church, profit and business, even fidelity and family. None of these work without great defects, especially these days. So where is our meaning? Where is our trust? Where do we go? We could say, well, I’ll trust only in myself. And that’s important, though I think that’s not enough. It seems as though we have to see things as they are and see ourselves that way. Accept all the insufficiencies and even the vainglorious agendas while not affiliating. Accept the flaws in ourselves as well and realize that’s not all there is. Goodness in self, people, and the world. I think it might be best to start small to see this, to seek it, to offer it, to receive it. Off my soapbox now. You ask good questions, really.

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