I Just Want To Be Happy

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I want to be a person that’s just happy. Not perfect. I want to be that person that you come to just because you need that positive vibe around you. I want to stop letting all that negativity in my life, stop letting negative and judge people influence my life, stop letting negative and judge people influence my life. I’ll choose to be happy. Think as many positive thoughts as possible. Compliment others just because I can. Smile more, laugh more often. I don’t want to compare myself to others anymore and letting that get me down. I want to live a life that’s mine. A life that I chose to live, a happy life. I want to be so happy, that when others look at me, they become happy too.

I want to learn to accept the falling, embracing it and growing from it. Because it’s okay and humane to fall down and stumble, but you have to get back up and make a better life than you did before. Learn from your mistakes and grow.

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