Your Value

Society is constantly drawing attention to the state of our bodies. Purposely or unconsciously, I’m sure that everyday you think about your body and what it looks like in some form or another. But listen. The way your body looks doesn’t matter. God, who created the skilled and mountains and valleys and oceans and rivers and forests created you too. To him, you infinitely more beautiful than anything else he’s created. You are worth so much more than the size of your jeans. You carry in you beauty and light because the creator looks down upon you as the most beautiful thing he’s made. Take this knowledge and run with it. Because when you finally realise your value, you can start to treat others with this same humbling truth. In the end, what you look like doesn’t matter, it’s what you’re done to be a vessel for him that does.

9 responses to “Your Value”

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    This is most inspirational thing I’ve read in a very long time. It’s so true and yet it is the way life is. People judge harshly without seeing all of someone, the inside and out. God wants us to be like him . Forgiving, kind, gracious and to be able to walk away in strife. Not harsh minded with words that cut deep. Not so self absorbed that there is alot of suffering in this world. Not just human sufferage but animal sufferage. God made all animals first. Big and all, furry and slippery, creepy and crawly..all so be kind to everything living thing God gave us ease.

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  2. Reblogged this to mine. It’s kimberlyskolorsplus. I also added a comment, well more like a paragraph. Thank you for that, inspired is it.

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