Things To Consider Everyday

  • When meeting new people, don’t think about it as trying to get them to like you – think about it as trying to see if you like them.
  • It’s good to feel guilty, embarrassed or ashamed of past actions; it means you’re growing and understanding why what you did was wrong, so you won’t do it again.
  • If you take care of your body doing time of crisis, it will take care of you too (nutrition, sleep, exercise).
  • Thoughts are not facts.
  • You are not responsible for the version of you that they created in their minds.
  • When you are struggling, break everything into smaller pieces.
  • The first step to taking a shower is walking to the bathroom.
  • Try to figure out why you’re not the most important person in your life.
  • Someone’s very best effort at loving you still may not be the thing you need. It doesn’t mean they’re not trying hard enough or don’t love you enough, it means that’s all they are capable of doing. And you have to decide if that’s what you’re willing to live with.
  • What would the kindest warmest person in your life say to you? Use that voice to speak to yourself until you develop your own kind voice.
  • Anxiety of greedy and insatiable. The more you give it, thee more it will take.

15 responses to “Things To Consider Everyday”

  1. That first one! 🙌 Been a big part of my non-monogamy self confidence growth. Realising I’m going on a date to see if I like someone, utterly confident that they’ll like me because I’m awesome! And if we don’t click, we don’t click, it doesn’t matter and it’s not because there’s anything wrong with me.
    I also like the idea that you’re not looking for someone to make you happy, but for someone to share the happiness you already have with

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  2. Nice article.
    Small steps we take every day get us closer to our success. Hurdles come. It is normal. If there is no hurdle on the way, we should question the authenticity of our action. The way we overcome the hurdle really matters.


  3. Nice article.
    The small steps we take every day get us closer to target. Consistency matters. Hurdle is natural while we make efforts. If there is no hurdle, we should question our efforts.

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    • Small steps can lead to a good cycle of success breeding success as you establish habits, hit mini-goals, and note your progress. This increases confidence and motivation, making it easier to stay in it for the long haul.


    • Yes authenticity is key. The importance of authenticity can be evidenced by its strong links with well-being. More specifically, being authentic results in more positive emotions, greater life satisfaction, feelings of greater autonomy and control, a greater sense of purpose and greater self-acceptance (Wood, et al., 2008).


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