You don’t realise when I’m sad, you don’t care. I’m the girl who puts a fake face on everyday, for her family, her friends, to everyone. I’m the girl who will laugh a lot and talk and seem very happy, but I’m also the girl who cries herself to sleep, hating her fucking life. No matter how many times I’ll cry, I’ll wake up the next morning acting like I’m fine and happy, nobody will realise, nobody will care. I don’t like telling people about this, about my problems because they will never understand, they would think that it’s not that bad, but its different when you hear it from someone than actually experiencing it. I’m not always happy, even though I look like I am. I feel like I can be happy, truly happy. I wish you could trust me, just trust me. I’m not stupid, I won’t do dumb things all I want is to be have fun and I guess just have some freedom.

9 responses to “Unstoppable”

  1. Freedom – The one word that reminds how trapped our species are into our own illusionistic world, I understand the need to take a break, and the need to have that freedom. It’s … unexplainable. Hope you have a Good day. ✌️

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