Love To Me Is

What is love to me? Love is the little things. The countless unplanned stares. The sweet smiles when you hear their name. When that person is in your mind at random times for no reason. Wanting to be around that person for hours. Looking into each other’s eyes and just knowing what you both feel. It’s talking about stupid things, but never wanting to say goodbye. Holding on to everything they’ve ever said. Making memories. The little kisses that seem to linger on your lips. The daydreams. The actual dreams that you never want to wake up from. Finding any reason to bring that person up in a conversation. Cuddling and being completely intrigued by that person’s heartbeat and how in sync you feel with them. Talking about everything you don’t like and all the things you do. Trying to get through problems. Failing at trying to solve them. It’s the little arguments. The movie dates. The hugs where you never want to let go. Laughing at everything. Embarrassing ourselves in front of one another. The tears, the yelling. The way their voice brightens your day. Never wanting to give up. It’s when you see a future with someone. It’s writing that persons name over and over again because you like the way it looks. It’s trying to prove each other wrong. Trying to figure things out. Trying to make that person believe you’re the one. Giving that person every reason to think you’re out. It’s giving that person every opportunity to break you down, but hoping they won’t. It’s the cheesy pick up lines. The silly faces made at each other. The support for each other. It’s trust. It’s putting in everything you got. It’s letting go and hoping they won’t stay gone. It’s letting down your guard. It’s sharing things like favourite colours and movies. It’s finding all the things you have in common and all the things you have in common and all the things that are different. It’s doubling. It’s content thinking. Overthinking. Believing. It’s feeling like everything’s a dream, but realising its reality. It’s doing things like staring at the stars and going for walks. It’s noticing each other in a crowd. Noticing how their eyes sparkle in the sun. Or how their voice squeaks when they giggle. It’s being consumed. It’s being intrigued by everything about them. It’s being confused. It’s being happy. Being sad. Even being mad. It’s getting jealous over stupid things. Fighting for each other. Teasing each other playfully. Being comfortable with someone. Not felling the need to hide. Not feeling the need to change. Getting butterflies. Feeling love. Feeling wanted. It’s the hour long walks. Lying in someone’s arms and feeling like nothing could ever tear you all apart. It’s the jokes. That can sometimes go too far. It’s helping someone conquer their fears. Bringing someone’s fairy tales to life. Believing in each other. Feeling free. Seeing each other break. It’s listening. It’s being goofy. It’s doing gross things like shooting milk out of your nose and having the person accept it. It’s making promises. Breaking promises. It’s adoring someone. It’s keeping each other strong. It’s overreacting. Apologising. It’s dealing with mood swings. The little goodbyes when it’s time to leave. It’s never wanting that person to leave. It’s being spontaneous. It’s doing things like sitting outside instead of going to restaurants. It’s breaking rules. It’s staying out late. It’s wanting to spend all your time with that person. Not being able to describe your feelings. It’s crazy and beautiful. It’s loving someone’s personality. Loving their heart. It’s forgetting about everything else because that person consumes your mind. It’s trying even when you know you should give up. It’s dedicating songs. It’s seeing something and having it automatically remind you of that person. It’s holding on to everything they’re even given you. It’s remembering all the little things. It’s caring too much. It’s not saying I love you, but feeling the love within yourself. It’s not knowing where you stand. It’s acceptance. It’s heart wrenching. It’s going out of your way to see them happy. It is truly and simply, love.

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8 responses to “Love To Me Is”

  1. From my perspective, Love is the most powerful manifestation in the universe. It is beyond cultural expressions or consensual definitions. Its many characteristics are blended into a whole experience similar to many particular fine wines being made into a blend that becomes unique of itself. It is forever recognized while always being totally new. It is a gift that gives us a tiny glimpse into what cannot be imagined or described. As such, it is not what I have written about. These words are like a finger pointing at the moon, which does not give its own light.

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