Let Me Help You

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As you get older you begin to understand why people drink their troubles away or why they smoke their lungs black. You remember a younger version of yourself counting the days to your next birthday and getting excited, but now you probably question the thought entirely. People made it seem so appealing, enticing you with fancy cars and colourful drinks. But now that you’re here, all you wanna do is go back. The world has proved itself to be a serpent that had shed its skin revealing the harsh actuality of how society works. The excitement that once thrummed in your veins, the intrigue that once sparkled in your eyes vanished into thin air. You were propelled into an alined world, one that doesn’t resemble the lure that society built it up to be. No one ever told you of the monsters that were going to come after you. No one ever told you about the demons that were going take residence in your head. You struggle to grab at anything and everything just to feel any semblance of the normalcy you had experience in your youth. You experiment with all these vices, a desperate attempt to chase the chaos away. And I think it’s okay to struggle…for a whole. It makes the breath you take after growing that much more satisfying. I just don’t think life is that simple to immediately assume that a person is bad just because they engaged in vices. Like, You smoke? Okay. You drink? Okay. You got a taste of drugs? Okay. Tell me why. Makes me understand. Leet me help you.

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