Does Love Live For Us

Should we live for love or does love live for us.

I’ll wait for true love as long as I have to. I want a love that’s all consuming. A love that travels the world. A love that you feel through your whole body and in your bones. That kind of love where it isn’t forced where it came naturally. A love that’s written in the books. Where people can see it radiate of your whole body. If you only think of that one specific person who makes you feel that way, you want o burst from the happiness and even more if that’s possible. That kind of love that feels just like the song : La Vie En Rose. That looks like Paris. A love when you think about loving that person even more. You don’t think it’s possible but I’ll find a way to make it possible. A love that smells like my favourite perfume. A love that feels like discovering your new favourite song. A love that feels like happy tears or tears from laughing too hard, tears from loving too much.

I just want to be loved unconditionally.

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15 responses to “Does Love Live For Us”

  1. GS- I LOVE THIS!! Felt every word. This is exactly what I want. And despite popular belief, I believe it’s possible. It’s possible because we can make it so. If I can choose to love unconditionally, I know for certain I’ll find someone who can love me the same. Do not settle. Wait! At least that’s what I’m doing.

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  2. Beautiful lines – I feel that such perfection may be found only in love for the divine because there’s always some earthly element of dualism or egotism in the worldly love no matter how deep it is. Whatever we do on this earth, we strive for perfection in it but real perfection is the ideal, the last stage. It can’t be the initial stage. So looking for that initially may be frustrating especially in the matter of love. However, acceptance can bring maturity and depth in it when we grow together and learn. We accept the other person with their shortcomings. With time it grows and journeys towards the last stage of perfection. Life doesn’t teach first and give you the test. It’s otherwise. We learn the lesson after testing and going through the experience no matter how traumatic that experience is. Acceptance in life and going with flow is also important before we reach the last stage of perfection. I hope I am not rude here but your post made me reflect on it. 100% perfection can only be in the divine love. Wait for this in the earthly relationships may become lifelong. If the flow comes one should accept it. Making someone or something wait for long can rot it beyond redemption. At other times it may be worth it. So it’s also very subjective.

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