I Am The Kind of Girl

I am the kind of girl who can be obnoxiously loud and super quiet at the same time. Who can be awkward with people I don’t know and humbly when I am close to you. I laugh at the worst moments and I’m constantly smiling. I am a hopeless romantic with her head up in the clouds. I am the kind of girl who will trip and fall over thin air and also walk up and down stairs. I may seem to have a hard shell but I am a full on softy. I find it hard to talk about my problems, I should not have to be picked up by other people. It’s much better being there for others instead. I will listen to thousands of other people’s problems, but I can also talk for hours on end about mine. I think people should not be judged until they get to know each other, yet I am still guilty of doing it once in a while. Thinking is easier than talking to most.

I am awkward, wried, clumsy, shy, bubbly girl…but this is me. So take it or it’s your loss.

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  1. Everyone should be allowed to be themselves.

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    1. GS says:

      Yes Yes and Yes

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