Love Yourself

Hey, love yourself. Because you’re beautiful. And don’t compare yourself to others, you’re too wonderful to do that. You’ve got stretch marks? So do I! They’re awesome. That acne on your face? It’s gonna go away! Take care of your skin. Take care of yourself. Don’t photoshop all of those amazing flaws on your face, it’s so much cooler when you show them off! We’re all just human. We all have our bodies, and the only thing we can do, is take career of them. I know I don’t have the same body that a model does, I have think things! and I don’t have a flat tummy, but I’m strong and I’m adventurous and I could probably keep up with anyone that tries to challenge me. Your world can be so beautiful if you let it. Don’t let comparison and other people’s harsh words bring you down. Don’t!!!!! If you see a pretty girl on Instagram be like “hey this girl is beautiful, and so am I!” Because you are. You’re fucking beautiful. Even with a little but of cellulite, or stretch marks, or acne scars.


And I’m sure you’re pretty damn smart, funny, and caring too. Love yourself.

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