Meaningful Things In Life

  • Listening to old people tell stories from their past.
  • Seeing people’s personality from older times.
  • People reassuring they love you.
  • Teachers understanding your troubles.
  • Laughing from your heart.
  • Realising how alike you are with some one.
  • Old people running book stores.
  • Cold showers at night.
  • Songs that you can’t get enough of.
  • Imagining people’s life at cafes.
  • Having a conversation with someone that is exactly like you.
  • Being home alone.
  • Old calm houses in the country.
  • Spacious large clean houses.
  • The purr of cats on your stomach.
  • Cats falling asleep with a cat in between your legs or next to you.
  • Finding pictures of your childhood and remembering that day.
  • Remembering things about your friends or past.
  • The felling of water or cold water going down while super hot.
  • Being in the mountains.
  • Finding out someone remembered same things about you.
  • Overly nice people chatting.

Feel free to add to the list.

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