I love how that when you were a kid you used to believe in the most silliest of things such as Santa and birthday wishes. These were like our rays of hope. I still make birthday wishes to this day. I wish someone told that when I was going to grow up, my happiness would fade away into darkness until I would become a shell of what I once was. Now all my fun is replaced with stress, anxiety and responsibilities.

Good grades aren’t everything. People think that if you have good grades, you are going to be successful in life, but the truth is that we don’t what is going to happen to us tomorrow. I want a big house, big cars and big rings but actually I don’t have any big dreams.

Sometimes I look up at the sky and say to myself too many stars, too many dreams, the reality is that in front of these things I am just a speak of dust.

It’s funny how you think anything is possible as a kid but when you grow up you realise how hard it is to make it through a day. In the end everyone judges.

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16 responses to “Innocence”

  1. I believed that when I lost a tooth, my parents told me to put it
    under the pillow and that a tooth fairy would put some money in it, lol. You would get a couple coins maybe if you were lucky a couple dollars, then you go buy a few 2 cent candys, some 5 cent blue whales, a couple 10 cent licorice, a bag of chips and junk that would eventually start havoc on your enamel and not even realize, but you do find out that if you loose that tooth, that’s it, audios amigos, gone for good. I would ask them questions like does it fly, what does it look like, where does it live? Does it have wings? I also believed that there was a thing like the Easter Bunny, and would wake up and there would be all this Chocolate all over the place, pink sugary eggs, light blue and yellow or purple. Weird. I would imagine a big rabbit sort of thing would hop around leaving candy all over the place, I would then believe Wow, It must be true. The proof was the candy and crap. Most of us were duped, especially of the Jolly Fat guy in a suit, however I’m not giving up the birthday wishes, No Way. The best was when I figured out the Santa Clause thing wasn’t real, I sat on this little old guys lap, his breath stank, looked like nothing I imagined or would see or hear in school or in commercials. St Patrick’s Day was a fun time with thinking there’s such a thing as a Leprechaun? It had a flute and would have a strange beard like a chin strap with a mustache, and it would skip along and would only be at the end of a rainbow, with a pot of gold or a bridge, wait that’s a troll wrong fairy tale. Troll’s are different, similar in stature but have different characteristics, like they would be in bushes or could be giants like Jack in the Beanstock…I don’t know…there was so much weird things for kids to believe in after a while of playing road hockey or baseball, sledding, you just wondered how can this be true and sort of come to a reality that was your and yours alone. Simplicity is key although we may never be kids again, it’s good not to complicate the complexities of life, they are what they are and will always be. Finding deeper meaning amongst the chaos can help bring light in adaptation of what is, of what can be sort of thing. Finding a flow creating ways to laugh, or giggle at life to realize how silly it can be to take everything so seriously every moment of everyday, like? Why? Does Happiness fade away? Where does it go? it goes somewhere when it does? Is it that we loose sight on what we are or do have? Wanting what we have and being thankful for it? or is it knowing what we have and finding a deeper meaning for it? can these things/thoughts develop ways in discovering what truly makes us giggle?

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    • Some amazing thoughts are being shared here Chester. The notion of innocence refers to children’s simplicity, their lack of knowledge, and their purity not yet spoiled by mundane affairs. Such innocence is taken as the promise of a renewal of the world by the children. Why do children have it or need it? They have it and need it because it is a tool for dealing with the uncertainty and insecurity of life when one is rather helpless, as children are. As we have seen recently, fear is paralyzing.


  2. As a get older I realise that life is about rediscovering that childlike innocence and joy. That is more important than any material possessions or illusory status. Life is about learning to find, feel and spark joy in others.

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    • There is so much freshness behind innocence. Life becomes an unfolding mystery every moment with it. Mind is the culprit, which typecasts life. The mind constantly wants life on its own specific terms. Innocence embraces life with life’s own terms. But the mind does not allow life to find a gateway to enter with its mysteries. With innocence, life is welcomed to share its mysteries.

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  3. It is hard to hold onto any of that innocence. Life muscles in and pushes out the wonder. Life becomes about getting things, then more things because the things we wanted aren’t enough. Innocence is seeing a big glass ring as enough, it is pretty and it sparkles so we love it. being grown up says no, it has to be diamonds, we get the diamond ring and then want a bigger one. I wish we could retain the wonder of looking at those glass rings and them being enough

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    • If you just look at life without any opinions or fixed ideas, then you are like an empty teacup into which brewed tea can be poured. You receive because you hold nothing because you are empty. Then you never lose your enthusiasm. You are never bored. You are like a child, innocent and fresh.


  4. Great post!
    It’s amazing that young minds seem to have everything in front of them, with no stress or fear. Maturity brings stress and fear, but we don’t have to live with it knowing God is right along side of us. It’s how we choose to live in the circumstances given to us.
    All the promises that are given to us as kids, can now be prayed to God since all blessings are from Him.

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  5. From my perspective, your last sentence is quite close. What makes the experience of “being judged” so formative of our identity? What if the “last judgement “ was the last time we judged anyone/anything; just allowed it to be as she/he/it is?

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