You Are Free

Samsara and Transcending This Existence

You are free to be who you were created to be, while the world will do its best to define you, telling you who to be, how to act, and what to think.

Remember, every fibre of your being was designed with purpose. The way you think, communicate ideas, and express yourself, it is unique and electric combination that no one else has.

Too often, we misconstrue the solution of life, we buy into the idea that we must become someone to be great.

But, greatness is already in us.
It’s at the core of who we are.

The challenge is to not strive to become something else but to instead uncover the greatness already within us by stripping off labels and removing the pressure to blend in so that we show up in the world as the purest version of ourselves, complete untainted.

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17 responses to “You Are Free”

  1. How am I supposed to be who I’m supposed to be when this darn shadow hovers over me stopping all success, happiness, change of situation, blocked me from my luck n money trapse in misfortune andamy problems every day been with me since I was a young child still here but I still here dealing with it every day every minute.

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    • And your psychiatrist is right.

      Your life is about enjoying it before time runs out and you have to give your body back to the Earth and let it be reborn for the next person to enjoy life with. Seriously, enjoy life and live for today. Enjoy the simple pleasures you’ve taken for granted and you’ll get the most out of the human experience.

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