Daily Dose of Encouragement

Today I want you to know that…..

I know what it’s like to try something 100 times and still not be able to get it right. I know the pain that you feel when you try your hardest on something, but you just can’t seem to perfect it the way that everyone wants you to. Let me remind you of something: you are not perfect; you are human. You will make mistakes hundreds and thousands of times, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. You will stray from your normal path and get lead down one that you never thought you’d see yourself on. You are worth more than every single choice you could ever make. Your choices do not define you. Let me repeat that: you are not defined by the choices that you make. You are going to let people down. You are going to fail. You are going to mess up.

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12 responses to “Daily Dose of Encouragement”

    • Researchers have found that positive self-talk can help immensely with work performance, learning, self-awareness, and managing anxiety. Positive self-talk reframes the way we look at stressful situations and how we can approach them → Going from “this is too difficult” to “I can do this!”


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