Daily Dose of Affirmation

Each day you can journey from your Alpha (it begins with you) to your Omega, which in the teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, is the point within each of us where our inner spiritual nature meets our outer worldly nature. 

It is with this thought I bring to you daily dose of affirmations for your mind and soul. An affirmation a day, keeps the therapist away!!! Here are your affirmation for today :

  • I am grateful for who I am and for doing the best I can with the knowledge I have.
  • I am grateful for everyone who has been in my life and for the love we’ve shared and the lessons that were taught.
  • I am super grateful for everything in my life.
  • For my health, for my friends, for my family, for being alone, for everything.

Have a great day ahead.

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  1. Daily Poetry says:

    We all do well to think about these positive affirmations often.

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    1. GS says:

      Absolutely. Positive words will shape your mind, alleviates stress and improve your general well-being. You can have thousands or even tens of thousands thoughts every day. Therefore, it’s no surprise – as you start to use positive words and language more often – your thought patterns also change for better.


  2. quidm says:

    Thanks for this positive affirmation!
    They are important in our daily lives.

    They are meant to program our minds, specially when we are distracted from life.

    Thank you for the share!

    Have a great day too,

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    1. GS says:

      Thank you. I love affirmations.

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    2. GS says:

      Affirmations can help strengthen self-worth by boosting both your positive opinion of yourself and your confidence in your ability to achieve your goals. They can also help counter the feelings of panic, stress, and self-doubt that often accompany anxiety.

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