Remain Silent

Here’s why it is powerful to remain silent :

  • Never defend yourself. If anyone tells you that such a person speaks ill of you, don’t make excuses about what is said of you. Weak people hide their flaws and show off their strengths. Wise people boast about their flaws without showing off their strengths. Don’t let your ego blind you.
  • Never complain. Complaining is the simplest and most ineffective thing to do. If you have the ability to change a situation, do so. If it isn’t, shift your viewpoint. The mind gives up and surrenders before the body. Stoic virtues include endurance, perseverance, and composure.
  • Don’t tell them, show them. What you do, not what you say you’ll do, determines your level of success. Convince through your actions, not your words.
  • Learn to respond, not react. How one reacts to hostility is a strong evidence of wisdom. Maintain a cool, calm, and collected demeanour at all times. Never allow anyone the power to make you angry.
  • Be careful of what you say. Spend no time engaging in celebrity gossip, backbiting, or childish fights.
  • Sit still. Overindulging in screen activities dulls the mind. Learn to be content with boredom, you don’t always need to be simulated.

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