Signs You Are Manipulative

People are manipulative without even realising it. Here are a few signs to show that you are manipulative :

Jealousy drives you to do risky things.
– You resort to passive-aggressive tactics. For example, you notice some friends who are not with you.
– You are offended and invite another friend to go out with you.
– You take a ton of pictures and post them on social media for all to see.
– When you feel like you’re losing control of a situation, you create another one that you can control.
Consider picking up a new hobby. Accept that not everything other people do is related to you.

You’re king of a know-it-all.
– You have the feeling that people should listen to you since you’re the one who knows the most.
– People around you may feel as though they are suffocating due to your actions.
– You may have a persistent desire to put yourself first, which may cause others to perceive you as selfish.

You pour attention on someone, then withdraw it if they do something wrong.
– You avoid people after an argument to prove a point. The point is that you don’t need them, and if they want to make up, they should go to you first.
– You feel the need to be in control. It’s important to remember that no one is perfect, including you.

You are adamant about getting your way.
– You are being persuasive.
– In some cases, you may have to go to great lengths to obtain your desired outcome.
– Assume you want candy for everyone, but others wish to have chocolate.
– So, what do you do? You get rid of all the chocolate, so they don’t have a choice.
– If you ever catch yourself doing these things, stop, take a deep breath, and take a step back.

You never state exactly what you want.
– You are using guilt to persuade others to do you a favour.
– You could tell your coworker, “Oh, I’ve been so busy lately that I’m always sick.” simply to allow them to take your shift, even if it is a lie or an exaggerate version of the truth.

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    Nice to the knowledge given

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      Glad you liked the post


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