At The End Of The Day

At the end of day, if someone wants to be in your life, they will be. Truly, they are capable, they will make the effort, they will show up. If they do not, let that be your closure.

However, you do not have to hate them. You do not have to remember their contribution to your life as anything but beautiful. Do not ruin them in your mind, do not grip until you feel resentment. Instead, one them without attachment. Love the lessons they taught you. Wish them well every single time you think about them. Miss them, but do not ache for them to come back. If the people in your life left because they were not ready to value you, or love you, or be there for you, do not wish for them back, do not ask for them to be more than they can be at the moment. Wish for them to figure themselves out. Wish for them to grow. They are on their own journey – a journey you are not a part of. And that is okay. You have to learn that that is okay.

So instead of focusing on the people who left, focus on the people in your life who have chosen to be there. Focus on the ones who stayed, on the ones who appreciate you and respect you. Focus on the people who match the love you give them, focus on the people who match the love you give them, focus on the people who empower you and grow you and make your life beautiful. You are surrounded by human beings who will not shy away from the love you give. You are surrounded by human beings who know that they want you in their life, people who show you that every single day. Do not take them for granted. Do not lose touch of what you have, chasing what you no longer do.

Trust me when I say, you will miss out on beautiful things if you continue to stay rooted in all of the ways you were wronged, if you continue to let your past pull you from experiencing what the present has to offer you. Do not close yourself off to your potential. Instead, open yourself to the world, and allow for it to fill that space with the kinds of people, the kinds of moments, and the kinds of experiences that exhilarate you, that compel you, that make you love yourself, and your life, and what you have to offer, more and more each day.

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14 responses to “At The End Of The Day”

    • I’ve come to this realization over the last few years. I’m looking for new friends who respect and value me like I do them. It’s difficult to do that in these difficult times of polarization. Great post.

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      • Yeah, alot happened and i reacted in a bad bad way which damaged me and my mums relationship, i know that. But years have passed and if anything she seems more mad despite me being punished in court and blanked by her for years during that three year trial. I tried to fix it, but she isnt willing to listen so this must be the bitterest pill ive ever had to swallow. Lol its not right in your very early 30s feeling like a total mummies boy like a kid who cries when they cant see their mum. I wanna do something grand, a huge gesture but im settled to the facts, she might of closed the door on us but ill always keep mine open a crack. I would forgive her anything in a second, it is shitty to know for sure it isnt like that for her now. Im sorry you lost friends but with no respect they were nothing anyway, thanks for caring about my sorta sensitive post lol.. i try keep my blog authentic and raw it helps me express myself creatively which is a relief sometimes. I been writing half my life since school, how long have you been writing?

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      • So sorry about the relationship with your mum. Forgiveness is the key. If you tried to make things right, and she’s not open, all you can do is forgive her and move one. Blessings to you.


      • Thank you Lori, you didnt need to bother to reply i know my reply was a bit long and an overshare but thanks for even entertaining me a lil bit. All i can do is love her which is love in its true form (without opinion or judgement) and your so right, forgiving her is best for me. It releases my negative feelings and releases her from me for whatever period of time it takes, or maybe never will take to fix. Shes human and makes mistakes too but you only get one mother, they are portals for new life into the world and are far more special than fathers. Fathers have big roles to play but they do not have that maternal instinctual bond that women have, its just not in our genes. I was told protect your mum shes special over everyone, including the sad day where it may be me one day. I was really young when he said that but i always remembered it and think its amazing advice. It doesnt mean love is not equal between mums and dads, just that its different and i dont see that as a problem. Anyways, take care I followed your page by the way! Hope to read more from you soon

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