Read This When Feeling Down

Lay in bed for the whole day. Tangled in your perfect white sheets with your skill pillow and puffy comforter. Drink lots of tea, but drink even more coffee. Wander through the perfume section in stores and test every single scent. Buy yourself flowers because you are beyond worth it. Treat yourself to something pretty even if there is absolutely no reason too. Watch a chic flick and ball your eyes out. Read a book and fall asleep while doing do. Take an adventure with a friend. Start yoga. Learn to bake. Take a long drive and blast music and sing your heart out. Keep a journal so that you never forger a second of your exciting ever-changing life. Cry over silly stupid boys. Wear pretty heels with red bottoms. Meet a friend for brunch and order the biggest stack of waffles. Go to school because you’re excited to learn, not because you want straight A’s. Re-watch breakfast at tiffany’s and aspire to be Audrey Hepburn. Buy an insane amount of coffee table books even if you have nowhere to put them. Save up for your dream car. Take long bubbles baths. Wake up early to go the farmers market and get the first patch of peonies. Find secret little coffee shops where you can plan out your big dreams. Raise your hopes up even if you know you will be disappointed.

Twirl around your bedroom in your white robe with the record player spinning Shania Twain. Take out your sewing machine and create something beautiful. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Walk into Chanel and walk out with a quilted purse. Buy a ball gown even if you have no place to wear it. Try on your mother’s diamond rings and beautiful emerald necklaces and dream of when you will be with someone who buys you something sparkly. Drink to many Shirley Temples. Day dream about your future wedding. Lose yourself in an art museum. Read poetry, and then write your own. Travel the world, but always return home. Have marble and gold everything. Live in house with a turn-around and Range Rovers lining the drive. Throw parties bigger than Gatsby. Always have fresh fruits in the fridge, but make sure to eat too much chocolate. Wear what you want you like, not what everyone else wears. Build a fort out of pillows on rainy days. Always carry bobby pins and a tub of mascara. Giggle at your own jokes. Be there for your friends when they need a shoulder to cry on. Read Vogue. Send snail mail to someone who you haven’t spoken to in forever. Dance until your feet hurt. Wear too many patterns at once.

Don’t overthink things. Call your grandma every week. Be grateful for everything your parents have done for you. Be less annoyed when your dad worries that you are not home yet, because you will always be his little girl. Work oh so hard, and when you are faced with a challenge welcome it with open arms. Be kind to everyone. Never let anyone say you can’t do something, because darling you are so much stronger than you think, and this is just the beginning, you are about to do amazing things, and remember, the best if yet to come.

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