Be True To Yourself

I may regret many things. Words I said. Words I didn’t say. Decisions I made. Decisions I didn’t make. Feelings I expressed. Feelings I suppressed. People I listened to. People I confided in. Questions I asked. Answers I gave. Promises I made. Promises I believed. People I respected and people I neglected. Reflecting is essential, but regret should not ground you in the past. It should make you grateful that you have a conscious mind that realises right from wrong. It should give you strength to wisely use your present to make your future better. It should free you. If you don’t stop judging yourself, putting yourself down, believing that this is as good as you can be, then you’ve closed doors for yourself before they even appear in front of you. You’ve become a slave of your past. Don’t expect to be who you want to be without being true to yourself and believing in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, don’t expect anyone to believe in you. If you don’t see the best in yourself, don’t expect anyone to see the best in you. When you close a door, do you turn back and stare at it and say, I can’t leave because this door is still closed in front of me? Think about it.

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    1. GS says:


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  1. New Media Works says:

    YES! And … there are lessons learned. #Hopefully 😉

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    1. GS says:


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