Things Which Are Attractive

Things that are really attractive

  • Mental Attraction – Being physically attractive if a short term strategy to get someone’s attention, being mentally attractive is long term strategy to keep it. Instagram has taught this generation to care more about how they look on outside, then what they can offer on the inside. The depth of a relationship is determined by the depths of the people in it-as is the shallowness.
  • Being Able to Admit You Were Wrong – Humility and maturity is attraction. If someone can put their ego aside and say (and mean) these three sentences, they’re worth keeping around. “I made a mistake”, “I apologise” & “I’m going to change” are okay things to say.
  • Being Spontaneous – Nothing kills the excitement in a relationship like too much routine. Never forget the important of being completely spontaneous, not needing to have everything planned out, taking a risk and living in the moment. Too many people have too much routine and not enough life.
  • Being Able to be Yourself, On and Offline – Being willing to look weird or stupid in the process of being yourself, is one of the most attractive traits anyone can have. Caring too much about what others think, likes, comments or followers is one of the most unattractive burdens you can carry. There’s something unbelievably attractive about someone who validates themselves without the approval of strangers.
  • Self Awareness – You can read as many books as you like, but until you have self-awareness to read yourself, you’ll never learn anything. Unattractive people repeatedly make the same mistake because their insecure ego prevents them from taking responsibility for their own bullshit, their own toxic traits and their own mistakes. Attractive people have self awareness to call themselves out because they know blame doesn’t create change and they care more about making things right, than being right.

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