Do Techniques Really Manifest

No, they don’t. Techniques are mere tools that are used to help you to believe it is done. You can call them a placebo. If you do techniques from a state of lack to get something and change something out there then that is the reason you aren’t seeing any results.

Many of the people say that they have been doing SATS, affirmations, scripting, night tapes and so much for so long but nothing changed. Because they do the techniques to get something. The moment that are done, they immediately start questioning, “Well where is it?”.

The purpose of a technique is to just get you in the state of having the desire. How it feels, what it is like, and how you change and experience the world. You can choose to use any techniques that makes you feel good. There is no technique that works better than the other as said before, they are only placebos.

When you do a technique, use it as merely a tool to experience what it will be like to have the desire. To get a taste of it and then carry that with you. However, if you keep doing countless techniques only to open your eyes and return to your former way of being then do not expect anything to change.

If there is someone to change, it is you. Techniques are done over and over to make you reach a state of knowing it is done and it is coming. That is all. So do you really need techniques at the end of the day? Nope. You can just decide it is so and it is a done deal and that itself is enough.


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  1. These people might forget the proverb : Help your self, than God will help you.
    Which means you can pray etc. but must also take action!

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    1. GS says:

      Absolutely. We have the power to take necessary actions for full filling out goals and desires

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  2. I never regret reading your posts, you are so insightful. You give off a mothering spirit, that I’m sure a lot of people (like me) need more of. Thank you for sharing your wisdom šŸ’—

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    1. GS says:

      Glad you like my posts. I will keep them coming


    1. GS says:

      Glad you agree

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