Burnt Over and Over Again

You may need me in the moment but I foresee a now, a scene of you and me is locked inside my head, you’ll leave me behind and find another girl to impress while I wallow in jealously and bitterness. It’s deja vu because I’ve been scorched by the flames before. You will soon grow cautions and keep your distance, petrified that I’m your closest confidante, you’ll soon abandon the campfire that we’ve built on the shores. I know, we will diminish to embers and pretend to be strangers, like we’ve never spent days keeping each other warm. Give it a few months and you’ll become tired of my self deprecating thoughts, you’ll want something more because I am not what you think I am. I am someone they burnt over and over again, someone they tore down at my expense, someone they compared themselves to, in order to make themselves feel immense, our next conversation will be, it’s not you it’s me, but I know what it truly means, that I will never be worthy. I understand you want something bigger than this, and I was only someone to kill time with, until you found a better source of amusement.

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