Tips To Reduce Internet Procrastination

  • Download an app for your browser that limits the amount of time you spend on websites that eat up most of your time. A few popular options? Stay focused for chrome and leechblock for Firefox
  • Turn off the wifi on your computer as much as possible when it is not absolutely necessary. Even better – turn off/unplug your router, or go somewhere with your laptop where there is no internet.
  • Consciously schedule chunks of time during the day where no aimless web-browsing or random e-mail checking is allowed. For example, no internet 1 hour after waking and 1 hour before going to sleep.
  • On the flip side of the previous tip, you can schedule block off time that are your only windows of time for checking e-mail and browsing the net. For example, e-mail checking is only allowed once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • The internet is a wonderfully useful tool when used with intention. Make a point to have a specific reason to go online – and nice that task is fulfilled, turn off the internet.
  • Schedule offline activities that minimises time that would be wasted on the internet. By grounding yourself more in the real world with concrete tasks and goals, you will be less likely to procrastinate on the web.
  • Create new (and non-counter-productive) habits that replace your internet procrastination habit. Instead of defaulting to aimless internet browsing when you are bored/tired/stressed/lonely, you can read a book, go on a walk, call a friend or learn a new skill.
  • Self respect. What are your reasons for procrastinating on the internet? Are you avoiding an important project? Are you dissatisfied with your job or simply bored with your life? Make emotionally compelling reasons for why you want to reduce wasting time on the internet. Life is short.

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