Weakest Moments Are Best

It is often in your weakest moments that you have the opportunity to be the strongest. However, this does not mean putting on a brave face and pretending that thee heaviness does not exist. No, instead this means sitting with your feelings, and experiencing them as they are, letting them wash over you like rain. This means choosing to confront the voids, instead of filling them or numbing them or distracting yourself from the fact that they exist. In an age of extreme stimulation, in an age where we can sweep our pain under the rug, and focus on everything outside of ourselves that is readily available and seeking our attention, it takes a lot of courage to face what hurts. To look it in the eyes, to give it a name, to understand that you cannot outrun yourself forever. That is what makes it an act of strength. That is where the healing begins.

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  1. Sicetnon3 says:

    To heal is to become whole again, or to notice that you are not Humpty Dumpty.

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