What Is An Emotional Affair

An emotional affair is a relationship between a person and someone else that has a level of emotional intimacy that affects and distances a person’s emotional intimacy with their spouse. Sometimes an emotional affair can be when one person falls in love with another person, but is not yet a physical relationship. Thought not all emotional affairs are sexual, an emotional affair often turns into a sexual affair over time.

Here are a few sign of an emotional affair :

  • Secrecy – They feel the need to hide their friendship from you. Whether it is outright lying or simply not telling you, their is a need to hide when they meet their friend or delete conversations with them on their phone.
  • Flirting – They flirt with their friend either digitally or in person. They brush it off as harmless flirting because they are just friends.
  • Thinking about them – They tend to always have their friend on their mind.
  • Change in behaviour – They start dressing differently, and taking up new hobbies or routines that may include their friend.
  • Prioritising the friendship – This is the biggest sign of an emotional affair. We only have so much energy to give. When someone is putting more energy into a friendship than they are into their spouses, it is a big sign of an emotional affair.

Hope this helps.


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  1. I can agree if one has intentions of pleasure. Sometimes when one must fight for freedom, country and above all else, family. They engage with those who God threw to their feet. Sometimes emotional affairs become just that when boundaries, or even conversations, are eliminated by one or both parties. When a person has a goal and have lived to suffer for their intentions. By dam if an emotional affair is what it takes to win freedom, and country…by dam I say have one….have many damnit.

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    1. GS says:

      What you saying is right!

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