Life is Simple

  • If you don’t like your name don’t use it.
  • Scream at the sky, whisper secrets to the ocean, hold hands with clouds. The world is yours if you want it to be.
  • Do things that make you nervous and let the feeling consume you until you feel scared and alive and wan to throw up.
  • Don’t worry about falling in love.
  • Pick flowers whenever you see them and leave them wherever you go.
  • Kiss all the things that make you happy and all the things that make you sad, kiss everything that makes you feel anything.
  • Weave stars into your clothes and always remember that you came from them and will go back to them again someday.
  • Never empty your pockets.
  • Light dead flowers on fire when you’re feeling sad, let their smell fill your lungs and make you forget about life.
  • Diet cola will make your head spin and your throat burn, drink it when you’re feeling like things are going to get bad.
  • If a boy with pretty eyes asks you who you are, show him your scars and your freckles and your bruises and let him know that you are alive.
  • The best people have electricity running through their veins and around their hearts, let them shock you.
  • Forget how old you are, it does not matter.
  • If something or someone makes you want to run then do it, run until your legs go numb and your heart is about to explode and you forget how to breathe.
  • When the world is asleep make the night your friend and you will become invincible.
  • Get lost in another city and don’t ask for directions.
  • Cry if you want to, but try not to drown in your tears.
  • Do not be afraid of the sight of blood or the sound of bones snapping or the smell of hospital beds.
  • Race the moon while you’re driving until you’re going faster than the speed of light.
  • Never sit still.

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