We Manifest From Energy

We manifest from our own energy and we rearrange the past everytime we manifest. – Ramtha

A very interesting and powerful excerpt from the book “A Master’s Key for Manipulating Time”, Ramtha. One of the point of this excerpt is that when we decide to manifest something in our lives we need to be able not to include “explanations” in our vision of how that will happen. We need to become aware of those thought processes and let them go. So, without explaining how something is going to happen, without explaining or trying to determine when and where, without explaining to people when it happened, why and how it happened, and so on. Just a laser focus on your dream – on your desires without any explanations or complications in your vision. And feel the reality of it. And hold that vision in the Now. And you’ve got it.

You must understand what you create in your life does not come from anyone else’s energy. If it does, it is connected to people, places, things, times, and events. And if it is their energy, who is in charge of their energy? They are. Are you? No

What are you going to get is going to be made out of your energy.

Think about this : The butterfly was made from the same substance that the caterpillar was made from, yet they look like two different creatures. Your reality will be made from the substance of your energy. That is why the way that a master creates reality within a moment is because it is not dependent upon anyone else, people, places, things, times, or events. So where does the magic come from? Himself. Where does the marvel come from? From his energy.

When he is so free from the attachment of people, places, things, times, and events, when he is so free and liberates himself from such constraints, he has at will in a moment the power to manifest whatever he wants from himself because there is nothing blocking him. And what can he manifest from himself? The mind of God, that is what. Now doesn’t that make sense to you?

Did you really think that we were going to teleport, Japanese watched from Japan to manifest them in the field? What manufacturer did we rob to get them here? No, we don’t do that. It is much more complicated than that and much more simpler than that. We rearrange the past every time we manifest, every time we manifest.

You never take a pot of gold out of Fort Knox. That would be robbery, but anytime you want to manifest hold that has got a minted mark on it that it acceptable as currency, then you are rearranging the past and your involvement in past events that happened thirty, forty, fifty years ago, and suddenly you are going to live an event that brings you that gold.

And all the history books will be rewritten, and one day you will open up and see that you are one of the people involved in it. Of course you didn’t know that now because it is yet to be rewritten. There is much more to understand but it is safe enough to know that dreams should not include any people, places, things, times and events. It should never be based in them. It should simply be based, that it is pure of what it is and uncorrupted, and there it comes quickly. But it must have a state of disillusionment to where all of those attachments can be pulled away, because if it is re-formed you will be enslaved with it to other people, places, times, and events.

How many of you understand? So be it.


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    Food for thought 🤔.

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