Dating Advice Everyone Needs to Hear

Relationships are hard, and a sentence worth of wisdom won’t change that. But it can help. Here are some important pieces of advice when it comes to dating :

  • If you constantly have to convince someone of your worth, they’ll never see it. If your value had to be justifies, you aren’t valued.
  • Know your worth and be clear about how you want to be treated. Set your boundaries and get to know theirs too.
  • There will be awkward moments, and that’s okay. It’s normal to initially feel nervous because you’re afraid of saying the wrong things or not having anything to say at all.
  • But it’s part of dating, and everyone goes through it. Once you accept that and stop being afraid to be uncomfortable, you’ll start to have is much more fun.
  • If they’re clearly searching for something different, call it off early. Do not feel responsible to “fix” or change someone who has different values than you.
  • Early red flags – no self awareness or accountability, controlling behaviour, abusive behaviour, lack of vulnerability and trust and lack of communication.
  • Find out if they are willing to invest. Don’t over-invest too soon. They have to understand their own needs. They have to know what they want and see it in you.

What dating advice would you give?


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