Signs You Have a Friend for Life


Finding a life long buddy is a true blessing. Never take for granted a true friend who has your best interest at heart always. Finding someone you enjoy spending time with & energy on is sass cup filling. Here are signs you have found a friend for life :

  • You always make time for each other.
  • You are not afraid to give each other some tough love.
  • You have fun together and make each other laugh.
  • You are there for each other in tough situations.
  • You love each other’s quirks and don’t want them to change.
  • You say nice things about each other to other people.
  • You are happy for each other when you succeed, not jealous.

Take care of your life long buddies, they’re one of a kind. Thank you for reading.


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    1. GS says:

      These gems are so rare


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