Sentences I Wish I Had Read Sooner

Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attack

Let’s get right to them :

  • These hard times, this pain, the lessons – one day they’ll be your strength, your awareness, your blessings.
  • Stop expecting honesty from people who lie to themselves.
  • You’ll never look good trying to make some look bad.
  • Save your explantations for those that are determined to understand you, given your silence to those that are determined to misunderstand you.
  • Your life is too short to be unhappy 5 days a week in exchange for 2 days of freedom.
  • Don”t be upset with people you don’t respect.
  • Life is not tiring. Wanting life to be a certain way but not having the confidence to make it that way, is tiring.

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6 responses to “Sentences I Wish I Had Read Sooner”

    • Oh absolutely. Thank you for the addition. A wise person knows the right words to say but a smart person knows when to not say anything.


    • Exactly because if they believing the lie they tell themselves, they expect for you to believe it as well. Then they get mad when you don’t! Wow! Truth be told! Shame of the devil’

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