Green Flags In A Relationship

In dating, a red flag is an early sign of an unhealthy relationship or a problematic partner, whereas a green flag is a behaviour or personal quality that indicates the person you’re dating will likely approach relationships in healthy, mature, and generally desirable ways in the future. The terms are derived simply from the idea that green means go, and red means stop and watch out. Red flags draw attention to problems; green flags indicate that you can proceed.

  • They don’t blame or argue unnecessarily.
  • They understand the importance of managing time for you between all life chores.
  • They try to communicate, listen and give you right suggestions.
  • They try to sort out conflicts most of the times without keeping an ego.
  • They clear you at right time if misunderstanding happen.
  • Their actions match their words.
  • They understand your situation, listen to you and help you figure it out.

What would you add to the list.

14 responses to “Green Flags In A Relationship”

  1. One of the most important part of our life is finding the right partner, and as we reach the dating age, not many of us are are mature enough to recognise the difference between toxic behaviour and supportive behaviour. At young age we are more impressed by frivolity than concern and maturity. It’s a treacherous gamble that we play and many of us end up with a broken heart. The suggestions you shared as Red and Green flag, if truly understood can save a person from lot of drama in a romantic relationship 😊 I think it should be taught somewhere, either in home or school, so that the person is well prepared.

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    • As long as the partners have similar core values, you can have a long-lasting harmonious relationship. At the same time, partners should have or can have opposing interests, and still can have a successful and long-lasting relationship. When you think about it, this is a chance for development and exploration in the second part.

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      • My husband and I have very different interest, yet we’ve been married for almost 32 years now. As you mentioned, we do have the same core values, both being raise in almost identical cultures (a lot of German influence). Still, we do have our moments of conflict. As yet, they haven’t broken us up.

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  2. Dating is a great time to drill down on character, while putting on the brakes in some areas (establishing and maintaining healthy moral boundaries).

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