Gut Instinct You Should Not Ignore

It’s one of those feelings you never really believe, but it’s always correct. Always! Why? Scientists believe this is because our subconscious stores all kinds of information, knowledge, and experiences and connects them in a split second when making a decision.

Here are 4 gut instincts you should not ignore

  • Excitement about an opportunity – Excitement is your intuition’s way of saying that something about that opportunity is resonating with your soul. Don’t allow your logical mind to talk out of something you deeply feel is aligned for you.
  • Being drawn to someone – We are always drawn to people for a reason. It means their presence served a divine purpose. Even if it’s only a brief encounter or temporary relationship, there is a reason the universe wants you to collide.
  • A sense that you are not well – Your body always knows when something isn’t quit right and you will always receive signs when something is off. Trust your body, it is intelligent.
  • A feeling of danger – When you get a feeling something is off and you feel an immense sense of nervousness, take it seriously. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What would you add to the list?

13 responses to “Gut Instinct You Should Not Ignore”

  1. I would add “a sense that something is off” about a person. I have adopted Maya Angelou’s teaching that when someone shows you who they are the first time, believe them. We tend to ignore our initial instincts about people and always live to regret it. If something is not adding up, turn around and run 😜

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