Daily Dose of Affirmation


Each day you can journey from your Alpha (it begins with you) to your Omega, which in the teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, is the point within each of us where our inner spiritual nature meets our outer worldly nature. 

It is with this thought I bring to you daily dose of affirmations for your mind and soul. An affirmation a day, keeps the therapist away!!! Here are your affirmations for today :

  • I am full of energy and am feeling furled to tackle anything that I have to do today.
  • The people who are meant to be in my life will come into it and stay.
  • I am grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life.
  • I don’t waste my energy worrying about things out of my control.
  • God wants what’s best for my life so I relinquish all my fears onto him as they are not my burden to bear.

Hope your day is filled with positivity today.


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