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Spirited meditation, also known as active meditation, is based on the premise that if I could devise a system of meditation, which, while keeping the virtues intact, allowed me to get rid of the excess physical energy in my body. Let’s refrain from calling it active meditation because it may imply that the other five systems of meditation are passive and inert. Clearly, that’s not the case.

The fundamental difference between spirited and other forms of meditation is the use of the physical energy. In this meditation, rather than sitting still in one posture, you do the opposite, you dance. Every true yada asana are done, with great mindfulness and they burn your physical energy. Spirited meditation however is not about stretching your limbs and staying in that posture for a little while. It is about getting the physical energy out of your system. You may think it’s like playing sports then. Well, it isn’t. In sports, there are many emotions that come into play. You may feel down on losing a game, you may have to sit and wait for a while, you may envy your partner playing better than you or a spurt of ego upon winning. What the other player does is not in your control.

The closest to spirited meditation would be dancing with one fundamental difference, in dance you are focusing on the rhythm and perhaps the music. In meditation, you are entirely focused on a sense of mindfulness, on your breathing, on surrender.

Reference : A Million Thoughts. Om Swami.

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  1. Good post,meditation is key of happiness

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    1. GS says:

      Ah yes Deep, you are absolutely right. Meditation Can Permanently Change Your Happiness Set-Point. According to a number of studies, once we become accustomed to having the thing or condition we desired, it no longer makes us happier. Meditation, however, equips us with a tool that we can use at any time to instantly be happier. Simply be here now.

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