Daily Dose for the Soul


It is possible for a gourd of any size to live or play or work in harmony if the individuals involved are first in alignment with who they really are. And, it is not necessary for everyone in the group to be in alignment with their Inner Beings before you can experience a harmonious experience within the group. The harmony that everyone in this group dynamics is seeking is the alignment with their own Inner Beings; and when that is achieved, then, and only then, can harmony with other people occur. a person who is consistently inside his own Vortex will find harmony with other people even when they are not finding harmony with him.

Everything that everyone desires whether it is a material object a physical condition, a financial situation, or a harmonious relationship is wanted for only one reason; they believe they will feel better in having it. Once you show yourself through practising increasingly better felling thoughts, through making lists of positive aspects, by indulging in Rampages of Appreciation, that you can maintain your alignment with your own Inner Being and predominantly stay inside your Vortex of Creation you will find harmony in the world around you, also.

Reference : The Vortex. Esther and Jerry Hicks.

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