Daily Dose for the Soul

The people you would describe as having “exceptional ability” are usually those who are in alignment with who they really are. The brilliance or clarity or intuitiveness that denotes “exceptional ability” are also characteristics of a person in alignment.

If we were seeking a partner of any kind, business or personal, we would first seek someone in alignment with him or herself, because when people are turned to the fullness of who they really are, they are feeling good, they are inspired, they are a match to Well Being, love, and all good things. The most significant thing that we could say about you finding such a person is that unless you yourself are in alignment, you would not be a Vibrational Match to such a person.

Many people who are not in alignment then look to their partners to make things better, but the inherent flow in that resigning is that you do not have access to the aligned person you need to make it better for you if you are not in alignment. You just cannot get there from there.

There are clearly happy people who do not have the skills or interest in your specific business, and there are people who may have all of those necessary skills required for your business who are not happy. We would look for a talented person with abilities that matched the needs of our business, who is obviously happy. In short, seek compatibility between you and You (which means, be happy), and then everything that you are looking for will find it’s way to you.

Reference : The Vortex. Esther and Jerry Hicks.


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  1. Glad I have had my dose for my birth-day..this piece is a blessing.🥰

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    1. GS says:

      Happy Birthday….Many Happy Returns of the day.


      1. Thank you a million GS

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