Daily Dose for the Soul

The practice of solitude, naturally, incorporates the practice of observing silence as well. You can start your stint of solitude, by opting for short periods first with a minimum stretch of 24 hours. For many people it is extremely hard to find solitude. To begin with, you can find yourself a quiet room and lock yourself in it for a day or so. Take frugal provisions with you. Your room should ideally have an attached washroom. Please be aware that this is beginner’s level. Gradually and steadily, the intensity of solitude is increased by practising it in truly isolated places and secluded spots.

During the practice of solitude, having any company or coming face-to-face with anyone is an instant failure. That nullifies your practice of solitude. You need to start again. The same goes for interactions, watching TV and web surfing. The practice of solitude is even stricter than the practice of observing silence. The only discount you have is the allowance to read something. Although that too affects your solitude but it is still acceptable. The goal is to learn to have your mind free of all engagements.

A free mind is the only true freedom anyone can ever have.

Reference : Om Swami. A Million Thoughts.

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