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Aromatherapy for Toning & Detox

Essential oils have a wide range of benefits, many of which will come in handy for handling all the symptoms and effects of a detox or toning period. Aromatherapy oils can make the process of toning and detoxing your body more enjoyable and beneficial. If you increase the amount of exercise you do to tone muscles and get rid of cellulite, oils with muscle relaxing qualities such as lavender and chamomile are worth using. Oils that stimulate circulation to ensure good blood flow and drainage of the lymphatic system such as black pepper and ginger care also good to use.

A cure for every symptom – As you moderate intake of sugary and fatty foods and alcohol your body is encourages to expel toxins already built up within. Detoxing in this way causes you to feel lethargic and may result in muscle aches, headaches and skin problems. Fortunately, you can use the appropriate aromatherapy oils to treat these symptoms as well. Use essential oils to solve skin problems caused by toxins exiting through pores.

Blending Oils for Toning and Detox

  • Skin problems – Lemon/tea tree/bergamot/eucalyptus/petitgrain (2 drops) + Geranium/juniper/lavender (5 drops) + Cedar/cypress/myrrh/frankincense/patchouli (3 drops)
  • Cellulite – Grapefruit (2 drops) + Black pepper/fennel/juniper/geranium (5 drops) + ginger (3 drops).
  • Aching muscle and circulation – Clary sage/eucalyptus/grapefruit/lemon/pine/sage (2 drops) + black pepper/chamomile/coriander/majoram/lavender/rosemary (5 drops) + cypress/ginger/patachouli/vetitvert (3 drops)
  • Detox headaches – Sage/basil (2 drops) + lavender/rosemary (5 drops) + neroli (3 drops).

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/7e/b6/2e/7eb62e4d54b55c7125a7392d98e13ddc.jpg

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