Daily Dose for the Soul

It is not your job to make something happen, Universal forces are in place for all of that. You work is to simply determine what you want. You cannot cease your constant list of preference, so your life experience helps you determine, at both conscious and unconscious levels, what you prefer, and how life, from your personal and important perspective, could now be better and every conscious or unconscious offering (or asking) from you is answered your Source.

When you have lived an experience that helps you understand, in unexaggerated way, the way thing you do not want, you also understand, in an exaggerated way, what you do want. But when you are painful aware of what you do not want, you are not in alignment with what you do want. When you’d desire something that you do not believe is possible, you are not in alignment. When there is something that you want and you are feeling unhappy that you do not have it, you are not in alignment; when you see someone who currently has the very thing that you desire and you feel jealous, you are in the alignment.

If we were standing in your physical shoes, our attention would be upon bringing ourselves into alignment with the desires and preferences that we have launched we would consciously feel our way into alignment.

Reference : Ask and It Is Given. Esther and Jerry Hicks

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