Daily Dose for the Soul

A paradox is a seemingly absurd or contradictory statement, even if well founded. Intention and free will certainly qualify as being paradoxical. They conflict with many a preconceived notion of what’s reasonable or possible. How can you possess free will and also have intention shaping your body and your potential? You can fuse this dichotomy by choosing to believe in the infinity of intention and in your capacity to exercise free will. You know how to think rationally about the rules of cause and effect, so try your intellect on this.

Obviously, it’s impossible to have two infinities, for then neither would be infinite; each would be limited by the other. You can’t divide infinite into parts. Essentially, infinite is unity, continuity, or oneness, like the air in your home. Where does the air in your kitchen stop and the air in your living room begin? Where does the air inside your home stop and the air outside start? How about the air you breathe in and out? Air may be the closest we can come to understanding the infinite, universal, omnipresent Spirit. Somehow, you must travel in thought beyond the idea of your individual existence to the idea of a unity of universal being, and then beyond this to the idea of universal energy. When you think of part of a whole being one place and part in another, you’ve lost the idea of unity. And (keeping an open mind as I beseeched you earlier), get this! At any moment in time, all Spirit is concentrated at the point where you focus your attention. Therefore, you can consolidate all creative energy at a given moment in time. This is your free will at work.

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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