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Treating The Circulatory System Part 1

Most diseases of the heart and the circulatory system require professional treatment, but essential oils can be use alongside conventional medicine to support recovery.


The unsightly mark go a bruise is characterised by a blue-black mottling of the skin and swelling. It occurs due to damaged tissue and blood collecting beneath the skin in a localised area. Bruises can be caused by minor injury such as contact with a hard object to as a result of other conditions such as leukaemia or anaemia. If you find yourself bruising frequently, you should seek advice from a doctor.

  • Arnica cream is a classic remedy for brushing and essential oils can also be applied as a cold compress.
  • Rosemary’s rubefacient properties when applies as a compress will help to bring down swelling and promote blood flow.
  • Where bruising is severe, apply oils to the area that will also stimulate the spleen to produce more red blood cells. These include black pepper and lavender.

Apply a rosemary infused compress to a bruise.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/77/23/1d/77231d16d6b3015b3b9ef049a4e217ee.jpg

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