Daily Dose for the Soul

There are no limits to our potential as people, as collective entities, and as individuals. This is largely true because we emanate from the unlimited abundance, then we can know that our potential for manifestation and attracting anything into our lives is the same. The face of abundance has absolutely no limits. Imagine the vastness of the resources from which all objects are created. Then consider the one resource that stands above all others. This would be your mind and the collective mind of humankind. Where does your mind begin and end? What are its boundaries? Where is it located? More important, where is it not located? Is it born with you, or is it present before your conception? Does it die with you? What colour is it? What shape? The answers are in the phrase unlimited abundance. The power of intention is everywhere. It is what allows everything to manifest, to increase, and to supply infinitely.

Know that you’re connected to this life force and that you share it with everyone and all that you perceive to be missing. Open to the expression of the face of unlimited abundance, and you’ll be co-creating your life as you’d like it to be. You don’t have to have an intellectual understanding. It’s enough to silently know and proceed to live with your awareness of this face of endless abundance.

Reference : The Power of Intention. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer.

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    1. GS says:

      Human mind is indeed limitless. Human is indeed limitless. You can do what you want — You can achieve what goals you want to achieve. You can turn your imagined world into a reality. But why, what is the reason that being limitless, having such an unlimited capacity, have unlimited strength, most of the people live a mediocre life, most of the people suffer from failures, most of the people are unable to turn their dreams into reality. Reason is that even in reality we are limitless beyond measure but we don’t believe that we are limitless. We put artificial limits on ourselves. We lock our mind. We consider ourselves limited.

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  1. Robert Salau says:

    In reality, there’s no limit to who you become. Humans are all free and alive to all possibilities in the field of Free Will, like a child riding a stick we view ourselves as riding but we are on foot indeed.

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    1. GS says:

      I am glad you believe in free will. The free-will denial we are now seeing appears to be a by-product of the growing popularity of a reductionistic worldview in which everything is thought to be reducible to physical processes. If we look at the world solely through the lens of fundamental physics, for instance, then we will see only particles, fields, and forces, and there seems no room for human agency and free will. People then look like bio-physical machines. My response is that this kind of reductionism is mistaken. I want to embrace a scientific worldview, but reject reductionism. In fact, many scientists reject the sort of reductionism that is often mistakenly associated with science.

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