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Uses of Eucalyptus Oil Part 2

The uses of eucalyptus oil are manifold, from a pleasant smelling decongestant to a soothing and gentle remedy for urinary infections.

Combat Cystitis

  • The antiseptic properties of eucalyptus make it an excellent remedy for infections, particularly of the urinary tract.
  • Combat painful cystitis with a gentle daily massage over the lower back, abdomen ans hips.
  • For a soothing massage oil, add to 25ml sweet almond oil – 4-5 drops of eucalyptus oil + 4-5 drops of neroli oil.
  • A gentle massage with eucalyptus can help soothe a bout of cystitis.

Receive Pain

  • The antiseptic action of eucalyptus makes it a versatile medicinal oil.
  • Applied as a compress, eucalyptus soothes inflammation and can be used to relieve muscular aches and rheumatic pains.
  • For strains and sprains : Add 2-3 drops of eucalyptus oil and 5-6 drops of lavender oil to a cold compress and apply.
  • Its warming and anti-inflammatory properties make eucalyptus oil an excellent pain reliever.

Steam Inhalation

  • Dispel congestion with a steam inhalation.
  • Add 203 drops each of eucalyptus, lemon and pine oil to a bowl of hot water.
  • Cover the head with a towel and breathe in deeply.
  • Harness the de-congestive properties of eucalyptus by using it in a steam inhalation.

Reference : https://i.pinimg.com/originals/69/c0/dd/69c0dd41cf92eab10d30cf8b71d00b9e.jpg

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  1. How about Vick’s vapor rub🙏

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    1. GS says:

      Can work!!


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