Daily Dose of Nature

Using Your Patchouli Oil

Patchouli imparts warmth and energy and it is an excellent choice for revitalising your skin, scalp and digestive system. You can also use it to refresh your home.

Stimulating and Strong

Balance the mind and emotions with patchouli.

  • Aid mental concentration by adding 5 drops each of patchouli and clove oils and 10 drops of lemon oil to a room vaporiser. All three oils have stimulating properties and act to sharpen the mind.
  • For stress and mental exhaustion, relax in a hot, steamy bath containing 5 drops each of patchouli and lavender oils and 3 drops of lemon oil blended in a teaspoon of grape seed oil.
  • Promote clear thought with an aromatic room spray. Add 8 drops each of patchouli and geraniums, oils and 5 drops of cinnamon oil to 30ml to pure water. Store your mixture in a bottle with a fine mist spray.

Your can spray your drapes with patchouli to clear the air in the room and your mind.

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  1. I love Patchouli Oil. It has a very nice smell.

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  2. I didn’t know any of that. Thank You! đŸ™‚


    1. GS says:

      Most welcome. I am glad you found the information useful.

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      1. Indeed! đŸ’•

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