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Learning to Make your Own Oil Blends

Part of the joy of being an aromatherapist is discovering new scents and products through creating your own blends.

Here you will be introduced to the basics of blending essential oils with carrier oils, unscented soaps and lotions to tailor products to suit you. You can now begin to indulge your creativity and start mixing your own blends. By looking at the guidelines for mixing oils you will know the best ways to produce personalised aromatherapy recipes, safely and effectively, ensuring that you can make fragrant health and beauty products to suit whatever purpose you desire.

Find the right blends – Most blends use 3-4 oils to provide an overall scent with hints of individual oils underlaying this catching the nose’s attention at different times. It’s important that you record of what works and what doesn’t. Experience will soon give you an idea of which top, middle and base noted scents work well together and which don’t.

Considerations for your Blends – There are a number of considerations to take into account when you are making your own aromatherapy blends.

  • Contraindications – Ensure the recipient (including you) is not allergic to any oils, such as nut oils, and that contraindications, such as pregnancy or photosensitivity, are not an issue.
  • Odour Intensity – Incredibly potent oils will overwhelm all other ingredients unless used in tiny doses. Oils with an intensely strong aroma should be used sparingly.
  • Avoid Clashing Scents – As you experiment you’ll discover that some scents just do not go together.
  • Purpose – Make sure you use the right oils for the job, for example, don’t use stimulating or invigorating oils for a relaxing healing bath.
  • Preferences – If you or a recipient favour particular scents, see if these oils have beneficial qualities so that they can be included.

Put your aromatherapy knowledge to good use by making your own oil blends. Research and practice will show if the individual oils you prefer will make beneficial blends.

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